You need Wolf Projects. Your bottom line is our top priority. As a dedicated team of oilfield construction specialists, we are known for the quality and efficiency of our work. Our close proximity to clients, suppliers and jobsites means youíll get the best service and fastest turnaround in the field, and our hands-on approach means youíll be kept up-to-date as it happens.

• Plant and Facility construction
• Pipeline construction and repair
• Wellsite facilities
• Maintenance crews
• Specialized Hauling
• Structural fabrication

From basic well tie-ins to the most complex gas plant, Wolf Projects is able to efficiently execute all of your construction needs. Our experienced team looks forward to the challenge of turning your technical drawings into efficient, producing machines - from civil work at the start of the project, to the final touches at the end.

Every Promise we make is an opportunity to keep a customer or win a new one. When we commit to completing your job on time and on budget, we stand behind our word. All of our actions are focused on delivering world-class service so that you attain your most aggressive business goals, and our management is always available to keep you informed and answer your questions as they arise. We believe that our effectiveness is determined by your perception of our service. We like to say that it's what we do after we've done what you expected us to do that really sets us apart. As such, we make sure to followup on every job we do - the satisfaction of our clients determines the success of our efforts.

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