Wolf Projects has received its Certificate of Recognition (COR) from the Alberta Construction Safety Association, the highest certification for job safety in the field

The health and safety of our people is essential to the success of our business. Wolf Projects maintains a rigorous safety program, and is covered by a comprehensive insurance package. We are very proud of our safety record - not only do we maintain regulated standards, but we also enforce stringent internal controls geared towards exceeding the industry standard.

Our Emphasis on security doesn't end with people. We are committed to the protection and respect of our environment and the people that inhabit it. This is not only as a company, but also as concerned individuals.

Quality Control:
Wolf Projects Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Program is second to none. Approved by ABSA for construction, repair and alteration of B31.3 pressure pipe systems. All of our site superintendents are professionally trained in B31.3 codes and Z662 CSA piping systems. Our packages are computer generated at the field level and each is individually audited by management before being submitted to the client.

Safety & Quality Control

• Alberta, Sask & B,C, QA/QC programs

• Approved for construction, repair & alteration

• IRP 16 compliant

• ISNet Good Standings

• HSE Canada

• COR Alberta, Sask & B.C.